Yabsa 750 – Yamaha BSA Special


Yabsa - Yamaha-powered-BSA-framed-street-tracker-Custom-Motorcycle-hydro-carbons.blogspot.com-images

Yabsa 750 Yamaha BSA Special | Custom motorcycles 
Yabsa - Yamaha powered BSA framed street tracker , The Yamaha XS650 converted into a very nice special with the street tracker look. In the British tradition of engine frame hybrids, this Yamaha engine resides in a custom frame built on the lines of a BSA DB34. The “Yabsa” that results looks pretty good.The engine has been enlarged to 750cc and modified with larger valves, Mikuni carbs, Carillo rods, Arias pistons, bigger cam and all of the usual tweaks. The custom frame sports Showa upside down forks, an aluminum tank, Brembo brakes and more. The overall look is very light and airy, a very clean design. The build was the work of  Roberto Totti ( ONE OF OUR READERS ).
Yabsa - Yamaha-powered-BSA-framed-street-tracker-Custom-Motorcycle-hydro-carbons.blogspot.com-images

Yabsa - Yamaha-powered-BSA-framed-street-tracker-Custom-Motorcycle-hydro-carbons.blogspot.com-images

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Source  Totti Motori

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