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 Want to make Windows 8 more familiar? It only takes a few minutes to put Google Search and Chrome on your Start page. http://www.GetYourGoogleBack.com
 Windows 8 newbies might notice a familiar search friend is a bit harder to locate.Have you upgraded to or recently purchased a computer with Windows 8, and noticed that your good ol' Google Chrome browser isn't hanging out on the colorfully tiled interface? Google feels your pain, and has a simple solution to create some easy tiles on your unfamiliar Windows 8 Start screen, directing you straight to their popular search page and Chrome browser, so you can keep on truckin'.Google has placed an upbeat, thumb-your-nose-at Microsoft introductory video, called Get Your Google Back. The video, located on Google's YouTube page, highlights a simple app by the same name, that'll walk you through the process of adding the Google Search and Chrome tiles.Watch the video below, and you'll see that it should only take a minute or two to add some familiar places to your Start screen, so that the Windows 8 interface, which Microsoft admits is utterly different than previous iterations, won't seem like such a scary place.After you've enjoyed the music, to begin the process you can find the new app at GetYourGoogleBack.com, which will redirect you back to a Google page. Article Found on Technorati.com 

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