'Superbus' project

Holland's 'Superbus' project aims to transport people at 150 miles per hour
commercial-vehicle Holland's 'Superbus' project aims to transport people at 150 miles per hour. The Netherlands on 15 May 2012 after the RWD, the institution that provides the registration of motor vehicles, provided the registration for the Superbus. The Superbus project aims to develop high speed coaches capable of speeds of up to 250 kilometres per hour (160 mph) together with the supporting infrastructure including special highway lanes constructed separately next to the nation's highways.Superbus is sustainable. It is an electrically powered vehicle which uses rechargeable batteries. Because it is lightweight and because of its highly streamlined construction, Superbus has low energy consumption.Beside all this, Superbus is designed to provide a sensational travel experience. The level of comfort should be comparable to travelling with a luxurious sedan. This sensational experience will be realized through high speed, ergonomic interior design and personal multimedia equipment for each individual passenger.Superbus is developed in the Netherlands, but it can be regarded as a global investment since the Netherlands will subsequently be able to market it worldwide.
Holland's 'Superbus' project aims to transport people at 150 miles per hour

Holland's 'Superbus' project aims to transport people at 150 miles per hour

Superbus Technical specifications

Power train Electric motors powered by lithium polymer battery pack and regenerative braking
Power output 400 kW
Driving range 210 km
Braking 250-0 km/h in less than 200m
Cruising speed 250 km/h (155 mph)
Length 15,000 mm (49.21 ft)
Width 2,550 mm (8.20 ft)
Height 1,650 mm (5.41 ft)
Weight 10,500 kg fully loaded
Suspension Air springs and frequency selective dampers system and lifting hydraulic cilinders
Ride height range 330 mm (70mm to 400mm)
Chassis frame Carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Bodywork Carbon fiber reinforced plastic
Glazing Lexan Polycarbonate
Driving mode Driver assisted controlled on existing roads, autopilot on Supertrack
Equipped with Seat belts, TV, internet, air-conditioning, heating, etc
Provided with Navigation system, obstacle detection, communication system, fail safe system and control system
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