Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike

Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike, Electric motorcycles and scooters, Electric vehicle,
Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike, Electric motorcycles and scooters, Electric vehicle, Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike With a 600-watt electric motor, this bike goes 40 – almost as fast as a Prius. But, you can take this to cooler places than the HOV lane. Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike features a massive 8-inch wide tires, you can rip down the beach or up a mountain bike single-track, where the Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike's 14-speed gearing will help you climb. Ten inches of travel in the front suspension means you can also stick some lofty drops. Try that in a Prius and you’ll be bumming. Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike price - $5500 - werd.com
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