Maria de Villota Comments On Her Crash

Maria de Villota Comments On Her Crash

Maria de Villota Comments On Her Crash - dailymail.co.uk
"I had 140 stitches in my face and they looked like boat rope. I was terrified." - Female F1 driver De Villota relives horror smash in which she lost an eye

Maria de Villota has revealed that she remembers everything from the life-threatening Formula 1 testing accident in which she lost her right eye earlier this year.

Maria de Villota : "I remember everything - even the moment of the impact. When I woke up everybody was around me and they didn't even know if I was going to speak, or how I was going to speak. I started speaking in English because I thought I was on an FIA check-up and that the nurse was a trainer.  Then my dad said 'Please, Maria, speak Spanish, because your mother is missing half the things', and then I became aware of everything: of what had happened, where I was and why. The accident has given me a new perspective about life, about the things that matter. It has taught me that to achieve what you want you have to educate yourself in sacrifice through effort. Now I have just one eye maybe I perceive more things than before. Before this, my life was a race against the clock, and now I see you have to stop and measure things in a different way. In the beginning they were covering it [the eye] so I couldn't see it. The first day I looked at myself in the mirror I had 140 black stitches on my face, and they looked like they had been stitched with a boat rope, and I had lost my right eye. I was terrified.  I have to undergo more surgery soon, but the worst is now behind. I have headaches that they don't know how long will last - maybe years. I have to control my efforts a lot because of the cranial pressure. I have also lost smell, and taste, which is linked to smell. Now I like things with a very strong taste."

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