1902 Flint Roadster


Rare Vintage Car "Touring Car for Two" When Alexander Brunnell Cullen ( ABC) Hardy could not convince his associates, Josiah Dort and William Durant, at the Durant-Dort Carriage Co. of Flint, MI to build cars, he went out on his own and in 1902, he organized the Flint Automobile Co. and produced one-cyclinder, 8 hp, roadster that was called the Flint Roadster. It was named the "Touring Car for Two". It was modestly priced at $850.. He built fifty-two before deciding to close down because he was not going to pay royalties for the violations of the Selden patent. Hardy later joined Durant as an officer in his General Motors Corp,. and became one of its top leaders.David Dunbar Durant finally acquiesced to the notion of entering into the automobile industry and he bought the Buick Mfg. Co.

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