TRD Tries to Make the 2014 Lexus IS F Sport Look Even Sharper


Some would say that the 2014 Lexus IS hardly needs a styling upgrade, which is even more true if we’re talking about the factory-offered F-Sport package. However, you will always have people wanting more, which is why Toyota Racing Development (TRD) has released a styling and performance kit for the new IS.
The aero kit includes more pronounced side skirts, lower corner pieces on the front bumper, a generous diffuser with dual exhaust on the rear bumper and an integrated trunk spoiler. A set of 19-inch alloy wheels with 15 spokes rounds out the exterior upgrades.
As for the performance part, TRD retunes the suspension by adding a set of sport springs and dampers that lower the car's ground clearance and promise to improve handling. That’s about it as the engines remain untouched, with the IS300h developing 223 hp, while the IS250 and IS350’s outputs are also unchanged at 207 hp and 306 hp respectively.
For the time being, the TRD aero kit and performance package are available only in Japan. The price for the entire list of modifications is a little over €9,500 ($12,180). If that is too much, those of you interested (and living in Japan) will be glad to know that the parts can be ordered separately as well.
By Dan Mihalascu
Story References: TRD via Autoblog.nl 



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