McLaren 12C Spider Wears a New Suit from Gemballa


You could say that, compared to some of its prior projects (the Porsche Tornado and evenmore so the Mistrale, come to mind), Gemballa's styling take on the new McLaren MP4-12C Spider is subtle, but we don't mean that in a bad way, quite the opposite actually.
The German tuner's cosmetic touches accentuate the 12C Spider's lines affording it a more individualized appearance that could have very well originated from McLaren's factory.
Announced at the 2013 Geneva Motor Show in March, the package is now available for order starting at €19,980 (about US$25,800) excluding VAT (taxes) for the aero kit that includes a new front bumper with a lip spoiler, side skirts and rear diffuser.
Another €7,980 (US$10,300) will get you 20 and 21-inch diameter alloy wheels for the front and rear axles respectively shod in high performance tires, while the tune is completed with an an upgraded interior featuring individual colored leathers and instrument dials (no pricing was announced).



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