Russian Lada Low-Riders on a Very Tight and Bumpy Budget


You may or may not be surprised to learn that there are fans of low-riders in mother Russia – just not with the kind of vehicles most of us have associated this car-culture.Instead of the usual Chevy Impalas and Oldsmobile Cutlasses that you see in the U.S. or the large Toyota and Nissan sedan models in Japan (VIP-style), in Russia you'll find low-riders in the form of the Lada Priora economy car.
In this case, there's also one more substantial difference – the absence of air-bag suspensions, which are necessary if you want to use a low-rider in everyday driving conditions.
Carscoops tipster Mikhail explains: "You know, in the south of Russia (this happened in Krasnodar) there are many fans of low-riding, and the main car for these projects is the Lada Priora. I originally thought that they use pneumatic suspensions. You can buy them easily; Chinese items are rather cheap...but I was mistaken".
See what Mikhail means by that in the video that follows…
Shout out to Mikhail for the submission!


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