Megaphone Exhaust Mufflers


Reverse Cone Shorty Megaphone Exhaust Mufflers , custom motorcycle, Café racer, Exhaust system,
 Custom Motorcycle Reverse Cone  Megaphone Exhaust Mufflers
These reverse cone megaphone exhaust mufflers are 17-1/4" long overall with a 6" long mounting bracket and internal baffle. Includes a chrome exhaust clamp, these fit 1-3/4" exhaust pipes. They also come with a set of adapters so you can run these on 1-3/8", 1-1/2" or 1-5/8" exhaust pipes, as well as the 1-3/4". These are a great match for vintage British bikes like Triumph, BSA and Norton, and look great on a stock bike, custom or cafe racer as well. Sold per pair
Reverse Cone Shorty Megaphone Exhaust Mufflers
Lowbrow customs

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