1974 YAMAHA RD60 | Cafe Racer


1974-YAMAHA-RD60-Cafe Race-1

1974-YAMAHA-RD60-Cafe Race-2

1974-YAMAHA-RD60-Cafe Race-3

1974-YAMAHA-RD60-Cafe Race-

1974-YAMAHA-RD60-Cafe Race-6

1974 Yamaha RD60 Custom Cafe Racer
Inspired by the 50cc Grand Prix bikes of the 60s and 70s, only good sense and cultural decorum prevent you from clapping your hands with glee and exclaiming, "That is one damn cute motorcycle!" From its humble beginnings as a basket case, this little gem was built from the ground up. A GFTP fairing was modified to complement the stock RD60 seat and tank. After a stripping and detabbing, the frame lives to fight another day. Oh, and did we mention the YSR 50cc motor? You have been served.

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